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Maruyama Chillers is the U.S. sales and service arm for Risshi and Maruyama brand chillers and heat-exchangers made by Maruyama Manufacturing for the semiconductor manufacturing equipment manufacturers (OEM) and end-users (Fabs, R&D, etc.) in the U.S.. Maruyama Chillers is a trade name of Risshi America, Inc., a California cooperation and the U.S. subsidiary of Maruyama Manufacturing, located in Hachioji, Japan.

Maruyama Chillers History

2004: Risshi America, Inc. is incorporated as a subsidiary of Risshi Co., LTD, with a sales office established in Berkeley, California
2006: Tom Boyd (LinkedIn Profile Link) joins Risshi America to head-up U.S. sales efforts

Qualification history

2011: Risshi America, Inc. is acquired by Maruyama Manufacturing becoming their U.S. sales and service subsidiary

Maruyama Chillers History

2005: The Risshi YR-8020SC : Lam part number : 778-039851-001
2008: The Risshi YR-8030SC(L) : Lam part number : 778-039851-002
2009: The Risshi HCL201-LD : Lam part number : 778-084771-001
2010: The Risshi eYR-8030SC(LP) : Lam part number : 778-039851-003
2013: The Maruyama eYR-9030DC(LP) : Lam part number : 778-140687-001
2013: The Maruyama eYR-8030SC(LN) : Lam part number : 778-039851-004

Maruyama Chillers is subsidiary of Maruyama Manufacturing Company

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Maruyama Manufacturing Company Background

Maruyama Manufacturing Product Overview

  • Develops, designs, manufactures, and sells chillers and heat-exchangers for semiconductor and LCD manufacturing equipment
  • Designs and manufactures electronic devices and measuring devices
  • Design and manufacturing of control panels and switchboards
  • Designs and manufactures control panels and switchboards
  • Manufactures electronic subassemblies for LCD, plasma, and semiconductor manufacturing
  • Manufactures cables and harnesses
  • Designs and manufactures printed boards
  • Provides treatments of precision sheet metal and machine works

Maruyama Manufacturing Company History

1969: Started business as Maruyama Seisakusho (Maruyama Manufacturing) for patenting, manufacturing, and sales of pharmaceutical equipment in Hachioji, Japan.
1973: Moved within Hachioji for business expansion and manufacturing line expansion.
1997: Incorporated as Maruyama Seisakusho (Maruyama Manufacturing) Limited Liability Company with capital of 3000,000 JPY.
2001: Expanded an office for establishing procurement department for purchasing all related parts.
2003: Expanded a building for establishing material department for keeping the purchased parts.
2004: Established an engineering department for business expansion and started outsourced design of electric and mechanical parts.
2005: Expanded a manufacturing line of 550㎡ for business expansion.
2005: Increased capital to 10,000,000 JPY and changed the name to Maruyama Seisakusho Corp.(Maruyama Manufacturing Corporation)
2006: Established the second factory of manufacturing line of 330㎡ for business expansion.
2007: Established an additional manufacturing line of 330㎡ in the headquarter factory for business expansion and efficiency and closed the second factory.
2007: Added capital of 20,000,000 JPY.
2007: Acquired ISO9001 Quality, ISO14001 Environment.
2008: Established a new building for business expansion, moved business there.
2009: Established a new factory in Yamanashi for business expansion.
2011: Created the chiller business unit through acquisition of specific Risshi Co., LTD assets
2011: Acquired chiller sales and maintenance centers in Taiwan and Shanghai
2011: Started chiller sales for overseas for the Risshi and Maruyama models.
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