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eYR Dual Channel Series

eYR Dual Channel Series

While any of our single channel units can be replicated and made into a dual-channel unit (two channels in one housing with identical specifications), our newest dual-channel unit, the eYR-9030DC(LP) has two different channels targeting two different areas in a process tool.
The Cold Channel is specified to control the temperature of a bottom electrode, while the Hot Channel is specified to control the temperature of the top electrode or the wall of the chamber using either inert coolant or DI water. A dual-channel design reduces overall footprint when compared with two single channel units. In addition, internal parts can be reduced and shared such as the main power breaker. Instead of two breakers, there can be just one main breaker for both channels. There can also be one facility water port instead of two, depending on your facility water temperature and flow configuration.

Basic Specifications eYR-9030DC(LP)
Controlled Temperature Range Hot Channel 20℃ to 60℃
Cold Channel -10℃ to 60℃
Temperature Control Accuracy From set temperature with constant heat load ±1.0C
Cooling Capacity: Cold Channel** 60Hz 10,000W ±500W @ -10℃
Cooling Capacity: Hot Channel** 60Hz 12,000W ±500W @ 20℃
Heater Capacity @ AC200V Cold Channel 1800W±100W
Hot Channel
Power Consumption (200/220VAC) Maximum 22 .5kVA
Current 65A
User Interface Touch Panel
External Dimensions (W x D x H) Inches 26 x 38 x 63
MM 650 x 970 x 1600
Standard Communications Protocol LonWorks
Lam Part Number 778-140687-001
  • **Conditions: Coolant: 3283
  • Coolant flow rate: 17LPM @ delta pressure 0.7MPa (4.5gpm @ delta pressure 100psi)
  • Cooling water: 45LPM (12gpm) @ supply 25℃

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