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HCL Series

HCL Series

The HCL Series chillers are special application chillers designed to work with an OEM switching manifold. Communications are designed as a single-channel chiller controlling two separate channels, hot and cold, that deliver coolant to the switching manifold. When the process tool tells the manifold to switch over to the other channel, the coolant caught in the switching between channels is mixed with the newly arrived coolant and is deposited in the other channel's coolant tank. Depending on the temperature delta, the chiller will automatically react to the thermal shock of the different temperature coolant and will stabilize temperature. The coolant levels in the coolant reservoirs are constantly changing but will not over flow due to the top overflow piping connecting both reservoirs. There is also a user controlled leveling value should the two reservoirs get too out of balance.

Basic Specifications HCL201-LD HCL202-LD HCL203-LD
Controlled Temperature Range Hot Channel 40℃ to 80℃*
Cold Channel -15℃ to 40℃ -5℃ to 40℃ -20℃ to 40℃
Temperature Control Accuracy From set temperature with constant heat load ±1.0C
Maximum Temperature Delta Between Hot Channel and
Cold Channel:
60℃ 40℃ 80℃
Cooling Capacity: Cold Channel** 60Hz 6000W ±500W
@ -15℃
6000W ±500W
@ -5℃
6000W ±500W
@ -20℃
50Hz 5500W ±500W
@ -15℃
5500W ±500W
@ -5℃
5000W ±500W @ -20℃
Cooling Capacity: Hot Channel** @ 50/60Hz 6000W ±500W @ 40℃
Heater Capacity @ AC208V Cold Channel 2000W ±200W 1800W±100W 2000W ±200W
Hot Channel 6000W ±600W 3300W±200W 6000W ±600W
Power Consumption (200/220VAC) Maximum 23.6kVA 17.2kVA 23.6kVA
Current 62A 45A 62A
User Interface Touch Panel
External Dimensions
(W x D x H)
Inches 22 x 39 x 71 14 x 42 x 71 22 x 39 x 71
MM 555 x 993 x 1797 347 x 1073 x 1800 555 x 993 x 1797
Standard Communications Protocol LonWorks

*Set range is from 20℃, however, the lowest reachable temperature depends on the cooling water temperature.

  • **Conditions: Coolant: FC-3283
  • Coolant flow rate: 17L/min @ delta pressure 0.7MPa (4.5gpm @ delta pressure 100psi)
  • Cooling water: 45L/min (12gpm) @ supply 25℃

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